A $24 million campaign to secure the future of Gonzaga Preparatory school through immediate investments in the people, programs, and infrastructure that advance the excellence of the school’s holistic educational program. Long term funding to create scholarships for 150 students, continuing Prep’s bold commitment to serving the educational needs of the greater Spokane region.


Opportunities to create a legacy of support



Help Prep to create the scholarships that make it possible for 150 new students to receive a life changing Jesuit education. Endowed scholarships exist in perpetuity, and create a legacy of support. Students apply for scholarships through a competitive process, and learn firsthand about the generosity that make a Prep education possible.

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Fair Share

The Fr. Hurley Fund for Fair Share is an endowed fund that supports Prep’s ability to meet the financial needs of every student, covering the gap between the cost of education and parent’s ability to pay. This fund continues Prep’s 30 year commitment to serving deserving student who desire a Catholic education in the Jesuit tradition. This fund is the most critical backstop for the school in a time of crisis, and provides the resources ensure the excellence and accessibility of a Prep education.

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Help to elevate Prep’s ability to meet the dynamic needs of today’s youth by investing in the people, programs, and infrastructure that inspire students to pursue lives of excellence, purpose, and service. Below are current priorities for investment:

Invest in the people who make a Prep education exceptional, by supporting initiatives to recruit, retain, and develop the very best faculty and staff. Provide support that ensures the school’s ability to compete for talented faculty and staff by paying just salaries.

Support Prep’s efforts to expand college opportunities to students by providing additional counseling guidance for navigating the rapidly evolving college admissions landscape. Offering individualized support that gives students an edge in earning competitive college acceptances and scholarships.

Make it possible for Prep to offer life-changing experiential learning opportunities that expand the worldview of students. Support opportunities for teams and clubs to travel for competition and leadership development.

Support the Prep’s commitment to strengthening the writing skills of all students by providing teachers and students with the resources and support needed to meet elevated expectations for excellence in writing.

Support Prep’s plan to prepare students for the future with an exceptional STEM education that emphasizes interdisciplinary connections between science, technology, engineering and math. Help the school to realize its dream of creating. a maker lab for hands on learning.

Help Prep to meet the mental health needs of students by investing in the Emmaus Fund, which provides critical resources that enhance the school’s ability to identify and support students who are suffering from mental illness.

Support Prep’s efforts to ensure the safety and security of our community through investments in the school’s strategic plan for security.

Integrate a new model for Christian Service, enhance resources for Campus Ministry and retreats, and create new opportunities for student leadership programs within Equity and Inclusion.

Help to provide students with the additional tutoring support that equips them with skills needed for academic success, and inspires personal responsibility.

Creating new partnerships with local universities and additional opportunities for students to earn college credit while in high school.

The World needs bullpups,

We need your help to secure the future of Gonzaga Prep for future generations.

Since 1887, Gonzaga Prep has depended upon the generosity of those who believe in the value of Jesuit education, and its impact in the lives of our students, families for generations, and the greater Spokane community.

If you are an alum, or the parent of an alum, your education was made possible by the generosity and sacrifices of those who came before us.

Will you pay forward the gift of your Prep education?